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Mobile Real Estate Marketing with QR codes

There are more and more home buyers accessing information with mobile devices and smartphones. The RealBird mobile real estate marketing platform is an an easy-to-use solution to provide your listing information for users with mobile devices.

Smartphones that are currently supported by the RealBird mobile single property websites

Mobile Real Estate Marketing Platforms with RealBird

RealBird mobile real estate technology

RealBird Mobile Real Estate Marketing

The RealBird single property websites are optimized for smartphones and best of all it's all automatic, no additional setup or customization required on your side. You can just create your single property website and RealBird will serve the appropriate content for different devices. With the integrated QR code feature, you can capture buyer leads instantly, at your real estate signs and via other printed media.

What are the QR codes?

QR (Quick Response) codes are barcodes that can be printed on flyers and other offline media and they can encode a wide variety of information. The information can be a link to a website or your contact information or any type of messages that you can think of. The most important application in our opinion is to use the QR codes as an easy way for consumers to get real-time, current information about your property. Home buyers can use their smartphones to quickly scan your QR code which then leads them to your RealBird single property websites instantly.

What are the RealBird QR options?

We provide a growing number of options for mobile listing marketing. QR codes are automatically generated for your RealBird single property websites. On your listing management page in the RealBird member area, each listing record shows the corresponding QR code with the following options:

  1. Download small QR code images for your listings to be used on print flyers, webpages, blogs
  2. Purchase extra affordable, auto-generated stickers that you can attach to your sign rider or any other offline media - it's easy, just click the link and the stickers are auto-generated for you with the corresponding QR codes and custom texts.
  3. The printable version of your RealBird single property website now automatically includes the related QR code so when you or your visitors print it, the QR code is automatically included in the header

What type of QR stickers can be purchased via RealBird?

We currently provide two types of stickers that can be purchased via our integration with Zazzle

  1. 3" round stickers ($4.95 +S/H buys you 6 stickers)
  2. 11"x3" rectangle, "bumper"-size sticker ($3.95 + S/H per sticker)
Large QR Sticker for real estate marketing

How to market your mobile real estate marketing services to prospective sellers

You have to tell them about it of course and most importantly show them what it is and how it will benefit them. You can use your existing listings with the QR codes and your smartphone: quickly scan it and show the RealBird mobile single property websites that is loaded instantly. It will surely impress prospective sellers.Â

Below are two examples on how forward thinking real estate professionals already communicate this feature to their readers on their blogs (note the great title SEO that they both use):

Janie Coffey wrote about her QR offerings via RealBird on her Coral Gables real estate blog. It's an excellent example on how to communicate this feature to your clients and to set yourself apart from your competition.

Stacia Whatley also has a great post here on ActiveRain, you can read her take on it on her Gig Harbor, WA real estate blog

How to get started with RealBird's mobile marketing features and how much does it cost?

Using the RealBird QR features are very simple. You can promote up to 2 listings for free with the RealBird Starter and unlimited listings for only $129 $99/year with the RealBird PRO service.

  1. Register with RealBird for free
  2. Add your listing information and upload unlimited large property pictures. It only takes a few minutes per listing.
  3. Visit your Listing Management page in the member area
  4. For each listing record, a corresponding QR image is shown. Below the QR image, you'll see links for downloading the free QR images (small and large sizes)
  5. If you decide to purchase the stickers, a link is provided for both the 3" round stickers and for the 11"x3" large sticker. The stickers are auto-generated with your listing's QR code so checking out at the shopping cart is the only step you have to do. They are also very affordable (less than $5/listing + S/H)

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