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Helping real estate agents and brokers with online marketing since 2004

RealBird was founded in 2004 with a simple mission: To help real estate agents and brokers in the transition to online marketing and to effectively utilize online, social media and mobile technologies to better serve the home selling and buying public.

The founders of RealBird are real estate technology veterans. Gabe Gross and Zoltan Szendro have a combined experience of over 30 years with real estate technology and were on the forefront of the many new technologies that emerged over the last two decades. These innovations include creating one of the first real estate brokerage websites in the early 90s, creating one of the first MLS based, real estate search engines and notification tools, years before IDX became available, authoring mobile real estate patents, bringing mapping and aerial photos to residential real estate marketing more than a year before Google Maps was introduced and, more.

Today, RealBird has over 40,000 members in the US, Canada and UK. They publish thousands of listings each month and are generating leads all day, every day. We strongly believe that you should not have to commit financially to a service unless and until you are convinced that it actually can generate measurable benefits, so we provide a no obligation FREE service level which you can upgrade to a PRO membership at a low price that we believe is unmatched in the industry.

Our RealBird Listing Publisher service takes marketing, and in particular listing marketing and lead generation one big step forward from “standard” web technology. Our platform enables real estate professionals to get the maximum exposure for their listings via the automatic syndication platform, listing widgets, SMS and QR code based mobile platform and built-in communication and lead capturing tools. With each listing you can also promote your brand, and by doing so create a growing number of “touchpoints” on the Internet. This in turn generates a cumulative search engine ranking lift for your website and blog. The RealBird Listing Publisher service takes the listings to the hubs of the Internet - to meaningful destinations - exactly where the best potential leads are. Creating single property websites with stunning presentation, communication and visualization features is a snap.

The RealBird Property Search is one of the industry's fastest and largest property search engines that is private-labeled for real estate professionals and can be added to websites and blogs. The benefits of the service are similar to MLS based IDX search engines: i.e. generating real estate business from home buyers by engaging website and blog visitors with a full-featured property search service including features such as the ability to save searches and favorite properties, RSS based notifications and more.

Commitment to innovation: We never stop introducing new and updated technologies to make sure that our members are always able to use cutting-edge online services for their business; we are watching for and evaluating new trends on-going.

Commitment to customer satisfaction: Your success is our success and we are dedicated to customer service and to provide the highest level of support for both our free and PRO members. We also provide weekly, free webinars for teaching best practices with RealBird and online real estate marketing in general. Please review the growing library of RealBird success stories on our testimonials page.

If you are a real estate agent or broker in the US, Canada and UK, why not give RealBird a try: Get started today and explore what it can do for you. If you need assistance, we are only an email or phone call away.

Thank you for visiting RealBird !

Gabe & Zoltan
RealBird Founders

Coverage and Pricing

RealBird PRO is available for real estate agents and brokers in the USA, Canada and the UK.

As a special offer, RealBird PRO costs only $149 $99/year or $19/month for a limited time.


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